1. This guideline applies to all users (hereinafter referred to as "users") who use this service, "REALBOOST" (hereinafter referred to as "this service") operated by BACOOR CORPORATION. Users agree with the guideline then use this service. When users use this service, the Company considers that users have agreed with the guideline. In addition, the Company shall be able to revise the guideline without prior or subsequent notice to users, and after revision of the guideline, the revised one shall apply. In addition, if you use this service after revision of the guideline, we assume that you have agreed with it after the revision.

2. When using this service, in addition to the guideline, the relevant usage restrictions and privacy policy of the Company (hereinafter referred to as "Terms of Use etc.") shall be applied and users need to comply with these.

3. The Company may arbitrarily revise the guideline. When the guidline is revised, it will take effect when posted on the site specified by the Company, in which case users need to follow the guideline after the revision.

Overview of this service

1. This service is intended to support sponsees who want to implement their projects while interacting each other. Through this service, the sponsee may provide the supporter with one or more types of return related to the project (the return is provided within the laws and ordinances against the fixed amount of support set by the project. You can provide tangible or intangible things etc.) and the supporter can sponsor the project and help the sponsee by receiving it.

2. The sponsee can appeal the project through this service in order to recruit applicants for support. Also, since the sponsee is recommended to share the project's progress with the supporter on the project page, the applicant can enjoy the project progress.

About Eligibility of this service

Drafting and support using this service can only be done by members who agree to the Terms of Use.

About Project Drafting

1. sponsees wishing to receive assistance from supporters propose projects in accord with the method prescribed by the Company.

2. The drafeter's project must not contain a copyrighted work that has ownership by itself and it must not contain any copyrighted material that has not been licensed.

About Project Support

1. If the supporters who use this service wishing to help projects proposed by the sponsees complete a certain amount of payment procedure by the method the Company presicribes, they can receive their returns provided by the sponsee on the project page. Also, the return will be sent to the Ethereum address,e-mail address registered by the supporter, or the address that the supporter informed in response to an inquiry from the sponsee. In addition, we will announce the progress of the project to supporters and members through functions equivalent to SNS of this service.

About Support Ether

1. The support Ether includes consumption tax.

2. Since the virtual currency ETH (Ether) is used for the support Ether, users need to agree the price rate always fluctuates in using this service.

3. The supporter can not cancel, make a refund request, or withdraw any payments after paying the support Ether.

Contact with Supporters

1. When various procedures related to payment are completed, when we notify the project's progress or when our company or sponsee considers necessary, we will make a notice to the e-mail address registered in advance. In addition, our company or drafers can send related notices from time to time to the e-mail address you registered.

2. The registered membership information will be provided to the sponsees for the delivery of the Return and contact etc.. Supporters agree in advance on this.

3. The registered member information may be provided to those who entrust the payment agent for settlement of the purchase of the coin, and the supporter agrees in advance this.

About Payment of Support Ether

1. The Company shall pay to the sponsee the amount deducted from the Operation fee.

2. Our Operation fee shall be 20% of the support fee.

About Our Responsibility

1. This service provides a place for exchanges and its Returns between sponsees and supporters. The Company is not acknowledged to constitute a party to the provision in any way and does not mediate or solicit support or offer.

2. We will not bear any responsibility for the troubles between supporters and sponsees, and in any case concerning handover of the Returns etc., we will not intervene the problems between supporters and sponsees.

3. We do not guarantee sponsee's project will surely succeed, continue making progress, quality of the project, service, Return etc.. Therefore, sponsees are responsible for troubles related to the ongoing project, refund request, return request, and other disputes.

4. Our Company and sponsees do not need to respond to requests for refund from supporters after projects start. In addition, we will not bear any responsibility and will not resolve troubles with repayment between sponsees and supporters.

5. We shall not bear any responsibility for such as system failure, discontinuation and data loss due to the failure of communication line or computer etc, failure to identify via access, damage caused by unauthorized access to data.

6. Our company shall not be responsible for any damages caused to supporters such as delay of showing their support on our website, delivering returns etc. due to their mistakes such as wrong e-mail or home address registration.

7. We shall not be responsible for any troubles or damages such as information leakage occured when a sponsee contact to a supporter.


1. The members of this service and the site viewers can reprint project URL, blog partwidgets, project titles, texts and images of project outline, profiles of sponsees on the Internet unless they infringe the honor, rights and interests of the Company, the sponsees, the supporters, and others concerning contents of the project. In addition, You will be required to ask for permission from our company, sponsees, supporters and others to reprint the information above to paper media etc. other than on the Internet.

2. The information such as supporter's ID, the blogs and, the history of support must not be reprinted anywhere including on the Internet.

3. All rights related to the sponsee's project are attributable to our company or our partners which have the copyright. However, if the sponsee holds the right of the project under the Copyright Law, the right is not limited to the above.


1. As for the use of this service, sponsees and supporters may be subject to taxation. Please inquire experts about the taxation and the amount etc. by themselves.

2. This Service must not be used as a means for providing unfair profits to persons restricted in accepting Ether or other interests from specified or unspecified individuals by laws and ordinances. Users shall observe applicable laws and regulations at their own risk and we shall not be responsible for any compliance with these laws.