Healing Subliminal Music≪True Confidence≫

432hz music+Sun's frequency+affirmation subliminal music.

Recover confidence and move forward to the future.

≪Affirmation Words≫
・I notice the inner light.
・I regain self-confidence.
・I'm inherently full of charm.

36 times speed, about 500 times inserted.

~ Notes~

・It doesn’t guarantee 100% effect.

・There are individual differences in the effect.

・If you feel sick due to a healing crisis, listen while watching the state with a little rest.

・Refunds can’t be made.

432hz music+太陽の周波数+アファメーションサブリミナルミュージックです。









500 LYRACoin is neccesary to buy this content.
You don't have sufficient amounts of coin.


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