Airdropping COFI tokens

Why are we airdropping COFI tokens instead of holding a public sale?

We’ve mentioned in the past that there was a private sale round with early adopters and partners who bring a strategic benefit to growing the CoinFi platform. Having a group of early backers was a core part of our strategy to quickly launch and scale the CoinFi platform.

Although these private partners were allocated only a portion of the token sale, due to the extreme run up in ETH recently, this strategic private sale has now filled our entire hard cap.

After the recent ETH run up, there was simply no way to run an equitable public sale without drastically increasing our hard cap, which was never an option. Our goal has always been to only collect as much as we need to scale up our platform.

At the same time, an airdrop allows us to show you our gratitude, and having 18,000+ token holders bodes well for the future of the platform, as CoinFi’s crowdsourced model depends on having a large community of engaged users and quality contributors.

So how do you claim your 500 COFI tokens?

If you’re seeing this message, we’ll be airdropping 500 COFI tokens to the Ethereum address you specify here on Jan 31, 2018. These tokens will be fully unlocked. We'll have further instructions for you on how to set up your wallet to access these tokens, so stay tuned.

  • skywalker007 1 year ago
    Thank coinfi #coinfi

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