TEARDROPS TOKEN, A new Smart Media Token


download.png TearDrops Token Will Be Among The Coming Generation Of Smart Media Tokens And It Will Reward "Proof Of Tears

Have you burst in Tears?

The Birth Of @teardrops, An SMT token That Will Reward "Proof Of Tears".

Have you shade your tears? in so much PAIN, in so much JOY, in so much EXCITEMENT, and so much surprises LIFE brings! HERE is your chance to share your journey in life, to tell a bit of sorrows that move tears in the deep of your heart.

SURPASSINGOOGLE launch the TEARDROPS TOKEN, An smt than soon to be part of the blockchain. Be rewared of being a human in nature as you feel the humanity in the blockchain. Only life can shade tears and show what really hearts feels.

this story move my tears into a river,

Haven't you move a tears by just a story?

Tears just drops because you can relate to it, even if you ignore, you are human inside!

*Since smt is not launch yet, recieve an imaginary teardrops token now!
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