HB Wallet and the Redfish ETH

hello everyone,

i am hoping that you will support The Redfish Eth Token,

I am planning to distribute this token Freely but limited

also wanted to build the community  on top of redfish user

HB Wallet, always back up your 12 passphrase so in case your phone is lost, still you can retrieve your money on it. also make a back up with your private key. You can open your eth address with money on it as log as you have the private. Write it down in a notes and keep it. You can open than wallet using (myetherwallet.com)

Sign up to https://realboost.jp and get 5$ worth of Ethereum reward! ❤️
NOTE: First 3,000 people only! 

please Support the Redfish ETH token!

50 redfishcoinETH is neccesary to buy this content.
You don't have sufficient amounts of coin.


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