Steemit REDFISHCOIN Writing for 3-8 coins BOUNTY

REDFISHCOIN Writing for 3-8 coins BOUNTY


Redfish Writing

  • You are called to write about Redfishcoin
  • Resteem this post to qualify
  • Comment your redfish post url below
  • Include waves address in your post to receive 3 to 8 redfishcoin

You are free to use google search about redfish
Just state the 5 W's question about redfishcoin.

We will accumulate 10 entries to receive for this week.
Every coin that was given was back up with real price and is ready to be trade in WAVESDEX,


Current Redfish Promotion

  • Earn 3% just by holding
  • Upvote @redfishelp account for Buy Back Program
  • 1 million Total Supply Only
  • Redfishcoin Airdrop 2
  • Current Price $0.43

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