Redfishcoin and the Snail

Redfishcoin and the Snail


Redfishcoin is now promoted in facebook. We will try to bring more people here in steemit through our coin. The people might ask, "how redfishcoin back up?" Then they will know it was back up by @redfishelpaccount in steemit. That all of it's earning will be used to buy Back the coin in the Market to give price stability and growth.

People out side steemit should know that there is earning here in steemit. All that we offer has something in value and when we learn enough to stand, we can earn better here than investing in HYPE program.

Redfishcoin and Snail

  • Redfishcoin grow slowly but steadily.

As what we can see how snail move, so as redfish right now. We are not in a hurry, we want to build strong price foundation and we want long term growth.


So far, 3% is what we can offer to our investor who support the community and it's coin.

  • The main purpose of the coin is for rewarding fellow redfish users in steemit, promoting the existence of Steemit Redfish community, And empower fellow redfish with our very own coin.


To our Investors

We are working towards and we need more like you who will believe in the future of steemit and the redfish community. Support and hold redfishcoin and earn profits in the future!

What is Redfish?

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How to trade redfishcoin to bitcoin

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