‘What is taking over my mind aside from being a F

What is taking over my mind aside from being a Female Rapper?

For so long, my life has been focused with family, friends, and rapping. Rap has been a part of my heart that I will never be able to give up. I love to rap for my family, for my friends and for my beloved country – Philippines, and I am having a great time through Rap. Now, it is still the same, but a little bit different. My life experiences brought me an opportunity to learn about something new, something that is crazy and yet amazing. It is Blockchain technology.

In order to understand the capability of Blockchain technology, let me share you the difference between centralized technology and decentralized technology with my own experience.


My experience in a Centralized System is when I need to send money for my family in the Philippines, there are times that it consumes too much of my time to look for remittance center or banks. Apart from it, these organizations are asking for a high service fee and It would take 2 to 3 working days before the receiver gets the money. 

The central organization operates the server wherein they can access my entire financial activities including my personal information. Furthermore, When somebody holds my internet banking password or even worse, hack the bank’s centralized servers failed, then I could be denied to access my funds. 

In today's world new technology such as the Internet has made it easier for us, a decentralized system is more convenient for me. When sending or receiving money, there’s no need to rely on a third party (banks/government) to confirm the transaction. I can send or receive money directly and there is no requirement for a middleman (remittance center/bank/government) Another good thing is, fees are less and faster transaction. Good isn’t it?

My funds are also much more secure when using a decentralized system. The only person that has the access to my money is "only me" because I am the only one that has the "private keys" to access my funds. If you are just new in this kind of technology, please keep in mind to follow the correct safety measures “no one can find out what these private keys are but just you.”

Why Blockchain Technology?

Blockchain technology innovates the way our data are stored. It allows us to fully control our personal details that we would like to share in public. Leveraging the potentiality of blockchain technology and decentralization may well be the key to protecting our privacy. 

As for me, Blockchain technology can create a unique and more secure transaction in our economy, and It could revolutionize the world in the years to come. More transparent, more effective, more equality, safer and can change the world to be better.

Time will tell how well the blockchain will be implemented on a larger scale so I suggest let’s ask advice for the people who are already doing it and take a few hours to read and learn the basics because it seems like it can be as significant in importance to our civilization as the internet was.

As my passion for rapping continues, there is no doubt for me that learning Blockchain Technology can be more essential in my digital age.

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Thank you and have a beautiful day!


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