Mrs. OLFP 2018 Documentary Special

Today, I am appealing for support to please show love and support to my newest project titled "Mrs. OLFP 2018: The Road to the Crown" Documentary Special where it features new updates of what's happening on our church community fundraising pageant for a cause.

With your little help, you can help raise funds for our church construction.

To know more about the project, click here to know more.

Thank you and hoping for your positive support in my newest documentary project. With your USD5 donation, you will receive coins as a token of appreciation and you can download the official Opening Bumper as your souvenir.

There's also an ongoing project that you can support too: Soul Searching Series Audio Podcast Project

See you on my next post.

150 ItsJMLife is neccesary to buy this content.
You don't have sufficient amounts of coin.


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