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Team Cansur is a League of Legends Team

Public: 2018-02-19


Team Cansur is Founded by:ReCreate * GrabDaLantern * Hàppy Person * T Y R A N U S

We’re players who have met in game and Became friends and Created our own team. we also compete in small tournaments and play with other Local players. Our Goal is not to be The Best But to Enjoy every Game with other players be Known to be Streamers/Montage makers who Love to interact with other players and make New Friends, we also educate Toxic Players and Beginners and we want them to learn from us. Because like them we are once Kids (in game) who are Really Toxic to other players. but things changed for us and all we can say is that Every day Even in Game we all Learn things that we Could apply in Real Life Which is ..


Be always Cool (Not Toxic)

Never Trash Talk Enemies

Never Trash Talk Team Mates

Follow instructions of Team Leader

Never Lose Hope Even when things are Bad.

We Also Participate in Events Like RAMPAGE (League of Legends) Photo's Below

Please Visit Our Page To learn more about us.. it would be Great if you Could LIKE our page And Share our Video Montage ! will be uploading Videos so you can see how we play :)
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