My RealBoost Official Mascot

Hi guys!

As you may know, RealBoost is opening a Mascot Design Contest for their Official Mascot.
The entry has been closed already but time for voting is still on!
You can get Ether equivalent to one dollar if you vote!

I am very happy that RealBoost chose my Mascot to the final round!

Designed with a friendly chubby look, this mascot is a companion for RealBoost users. He is a combination of Robot and Dragon. Thus he possesses the superior intelligence of Robot and the dominance, ambition, authority and dignity traits in Dragon. These characteristics match RealBoost's image of an intelligent platform that is ambitious in making people's dreams come true with pride and dignity.

I have submitted another 2 Mascots as well! I am having them here for your interest!

This mascot is designed based on super hero figure - someone with supernatural power. While normal superheroes are dedicated to fighting crime, protecting the public, and usually battling supervillains, RealBoost's superhero is dedicated to RealBoost's purpose - helping other people's dreams come true.

In Asian cultures, the elephant symbolizes good luck, prosperity, and endurance. Appearing in numerous cultures, unicorn has come to be a symbol of purity and beauty. This mascot is a combination of elephant and unicorn representing RealBoost - a platform that support artists making beauty and will bring them good luck, prosperity, and endurance.

If you like my Mascot, please vote for me and get your ETH!
Thank you very much!


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