I shed my clothes for you,
I let myself bleed too
i’m bare-naked in front of you
its your pleasure for my woes

I, on the other hand
just watch you from a far
stick for you through the good and the bad
clean up after your messes & correct your mistakes
but hey, you don’t notice me anyway

We cant be together you know that too
For I will cause the death of you
baby, I’m sorry I got you hurt
but do understand, its the way I am

And for you my friend
who’s always there for her
thank you for showing that you care
its funny how the three of us are linked
we’re stuck in this bizarre relationship

For you, the one who is far away
thank you for the company and correcting my mistakes
I am really thankful for all the things you do
but you’re so distant I cant be with you

She needed us in different ways
as we needed her just the same
I know, that two is enough
but the three of us is not so bad

I cause her tears but made her sharp
its tough love, but still its love
and as she begins writing the pages of her life again
she made it through because you’re there

This cycle continues ‘til the judging days
as time passes by, she dulls and ages
No one will have her for ones own sake
but its fine, ‘cause we became the best of friends

and though, its a bittersweet kind of thing
the three us in this undying fling
and when the curtain finally closes for all of us
remember the memories she wrote,
she wrote (it) –with us.

-the pencil, the eraser and the sharpener

By: Jerina Francisco


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