Self Introduction

Hello RB

I am albertvhons, creator of redfishcoin that run on top of waves coin! Currently active in steemit blogging! Promoting this Redfish ETH here wishing for success! My goal was to build a peer to peer conversion of cryptocurrency! Hopefully soon

You can check my current activity in blog.



@albertvhons, a father, an active steemit user, crypto enthusiast, who loves travel, blog, photography and the life within the nature's beauty.

Join steemit this year, May 2017. Active online investor since 2016. Learn how online investment works. Been through the ups and down in cryptocurrency. Have a knowledge in basic trading.

From the beginning of Being a redfish rank, as it was officially introduced in steemit, it is a passion to help, spread awareness and encourage fellow redfish rank to keep steeming. Links:

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