Self Introduction

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Bitcoin info is an online source of information for crypto-currency, particularly with Bitcoin Mining. Our aim is to provide basic knowledge to everyone for a better understanding - what is it all about, how will it be relevant & would affect our lives in the Future.

This page is for educational purposes only and does not guarantee the same exact result for others as being shown in photos or videos that are posted. We will not hold any responsibility for any loss of funds by any means or circumstances that may occur with your transactions.

It is recommended that you also do your own personal research before engaging in any type of investment.


Our Goal is to simplify the way how people can relate themselves to what is happening in the Digital World.

The transformation for an exchange of products and services is constantly changing from Industrial Age (FIAT or “paper money”; Bank-controlled) to the Information Age (Cryptocurrency; “virtual money”; Decentralized).

A lot of local merchant stores have closed their businesses due to high-cost of operation or expense not only with manpower but also with government-required fees and taxes.

Although you can’t avoid that as being mandated to every citizen in your country, there is a way on how businesses and consumers can get more benefits by paying lesser fees for each transaction. How?

With Information Technology several online stores have been created, you can buy or sell anything over the internet without having to go to a physical location, spend gas & more time in traffic, fall in line & wait for your turn. Now you can even make a food order without having to call anyone.

All you got to do is to surf online, pick your choice and make a purchase, easy right!?
Savings & Convenience that is what everybody wants! So to eliminate Credit/Debit card charges, as well as to lessen high Money Transfer fees - Bitcoin and other Alt-coins aim to resolve these issues.

Part of our objectives is to share links about “Bitcoin Mining” as one way you can acquire your own “stocks”.

Remember the time when you were a kid and was told to save some coins in your “piggy’bank”?

-> That is how it can be similar here, you can START EARNING when you join Free Bitcoin mining sites or do an advance investment by buying a contract with those mining companies – it’s up to you!

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