Self Introduction

Since secondary school I have won many design and arts awards, most of them are 1st place, which somehow help to prove my creative ability. I was also awarded the highest scholarship of FPT Arena to study Multimedia and so far as I know it, I was the first and probably only one who got it.

During my time in University, I scored distinctly from my peers and achieved many Highest Achiever Awards in units related to Interactive Media Systems or Interface Design. Many of my professors highly appreciated my works and considered me to be one of their top students. I also believed that I found my passion in this field since I actually experienced working without feeling tired on the subjects. This passion motivated and helped me to be very good in the units that I was automatically leaders in projects and lead the team to get the highest result compared to the rest of the class.

After graduation, I have been working for top class IT companies, experienced many projects designing user interfaces with different looks and styles, communicated directly with customer and learned lots of professional practices. Aside from UI design, I have also designed graphics, coded HTML and CSS as well as tested the UI and documented Functional Requirement Standards for it. I have always tried my best to get my work done as fast as I can while retaining high quality.