Self Introduction

Welcome Real Boosters!

I am a designer and maker of masterfully handcrafted products that include bespoke leather goods and wooden furniture.

Brief background

A Filipino based in Sydney, Australia. 

Traveling around Asia most of the time with Cebu usually being the final destination since it is my place of birth and consider it my second home.

I am passionate about making things and appreciate quality products that are hand made. 

We live in a world where everything is mass produced with large brand manufacturers virtually forcing everyone to buy the same products. 

These days it is difficult to stand out or be original when you realise that everyone around you owns the same things that you own. We have the same phone, wear the same shoes and even eat the same food.

I believe that when something is too "available", regardless of its brand, it loses value, exclusivity and charm.

So I started designing and making leather products for myself. Products that I would be proud of owning. Products that are original, unique and a stand out from the crowd. It had to be quality at the highest level with attention to detail that exceeded my own expectations.

After years of practicing my craft, I experimented with various types of leathers from Australia and Japan. I quickly realised people noticing what I was doing and they started appreciating the things I made. They too eventually wanted to wear my watch straps and carry around my little wallets. This was very encouraging and motivated me to continue developing my skills while creating new ideas for unique products.

So this is how it all began. My hobby and my passion to create beautiful things with my own two hands.

My Content

My posts will document my day to day challenges and successes in the quest to create beautifully unique leather goods that people love.

I will share my thoughts and inspirations and offer advice on things I have learnt in the process.

I might also do some tutorials.

Appreciate your support. Please feel free to comment below if you have any questions.