The return for support, what is "your coin"!


REAL BOOST creates a coin of your name.
"1cent" = "1 your coin" will be automatically issued to the supporter as a return of the support money.

Daily activity report, event, content, CD/DVD information

By prevent more detailed activity reports and event information different from SNS such as Facebook and blog to increase the number of viewers more. Your event information and CD / DVD information will be posted on the top page in order of arrival.

Let your customers use your coins

Let’s upload your content to the site, supporters can use your coins and download the content.

Comments from supporters

You can receive cheering comments from supporters. It is an opportunity to listen to supporters’ live voices as well as encourage your own activities.

You can receive support money, Virtual currency ETH (Ether), immediately from anywhere in the world.

The users of ETH (Ether), the virtual currency, are increasing by tens of thousands every year. Fans will send you support money, ETH (Ether), and receive your coins in return. ETH (Ether) can also be cashed in a virtual currency exchange at any time.

How to cash ETH